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Classical Kids Series: The Most Amazing

Classical Kids Music in the World!

Are you familiar with the classical kids’ music series? It’s fun music for kids that will open the doors to their understanding of the great classical composers and the amazing music they wrote. The CD series includes relaxing music for kids, instrumental music for kids, relaxation music for sleep, and more. These CDs are the perfect classical kid's music addition to your classical music library! They are 100% delightful! 

Hydration: Amazing Benefits of Water (H2O)

& How it Makes Kids Smarter!

The benefits of water are extensive. Science shows that water is beneficial to all of our bodily systems and we need to drink lots of water every day. There are benefits of water for skin, benefits of drinking water for hair, and the big one—"Benefits of Drinking Water" for weight loss. Water is important for all your kids to drink as it helps improve memory, eliminates fatigue, and keeps their minds in tip-top shape! Start today—drink 8-10 glasses of this life-giving substance! 

Family Friendly: The Best Family Night

Activities for Kids in the World!

If you want to create a tight bond with your kids—start a weekly family night! It’s an opportunity to have fun, build bridges, and create strong relationships with your kids. There are many things you can do—family fun games, family night activities for kids, and more. Divide the month and focus on one activity each week—games, service, culture, sports, and more. Want to be a together family? Create a family night! 

Analysis: The Most Amazing Critical Thinking

Skills Activities for Kids Ever!

Critical thinking skills are important for kids to learn. What’s the importance of critical thinking? It’s the way kids learn to think and ask critical thinking questions. The list of critical thinking skills includes being able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. The beginning levels start with compare/contrast. Each day we use critical thinking skills to solve problems and think through solutions. Discover an amazing book by Chris Van Allsburg that will give your kids a fun way to learn how to develop these much-needed critical thinking skills. 

Baby Mozart: The Best Classical Music for Babies in the World!

Have you ever wondered what the best classical music for babies is and why? You’ll find classical music for baby’s brain development. There is also classical music for baby’s sleep and fun baby music. Check out these examples of baby music nursery rhymes, the best classical music for babies in the womb (that can help with language development) and the best music for babies and their brain development.

Health: What Do You Mean? ...

We Have 3 Amazingly Powerful Brains?!

Did you know that instead of just one brain—we have three?! It’s true—and science says so! When it comes to raising kids—you want to know and understand the emotional brain; how the brain processes emotions; what part of the brain controls happiness and that the limbic system is only responsible for 15% of the emotions found in our bodies. So where do the rest of these emotions that control so much of our lives come from? How do emotions work in the brain? And where is this brain? Find out the answers to these and other questions about our 3 amazing brains here...

Childhood: How to Build & Support the Emotional Development of Children

It’s a scientific fact that our emotions govern everything we do. Therefore, the emotional development of children is a HUGE concern for parents! What are the emotional development stages of children? The emotional development of toddlers? Emotional development in early childhood and the emotional development in adolescence? What activities foster a healthy emotional balance in children? As parents—what is our most powerful tool in raising healthy, happy, and emotionally stable children? Find out the interesting answers to these questions and more here...

Insomnia: Child Sleep Disorders -

Simple & Practical Ways to Help

When a child can’t sleep, it affects everyone in the family—parents, siblings and even pets. Check out these health tips. If your child suffers from sleep disorders, child sleep anxiety or your child is scared to sleep alone—there are things you can do. Child sleep disorders can start early; there are sleep disorders in toddlers and it goes up to 11-year-old sleep problems and beyond. Try these simple, yet effective methods help your child get a good night’s sleep—and you, too! 

For additional information, see my blog:

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Learning Disabilities Awareness:The #1 Powerful Way to Help! Part 1

It has been estimated that 25% of children entering school today have some kind of learning disability. Learning disabilities are fast becoming a national epidemic. It’s important for parents to understand learning disabilities characteristics and causes of learning disabilities which include a wide range of symptoms. There are many learning disabilities types and causes ranging from difficulty with reading, math, writing or even holding a pencil and being able to concentrate. Here is a very powerful way to help your learning-disabled child to reach their potential and find success in school! 

Learning Disabilities Awareness:The #1 Powerful Way to Help! Part 2

One of the most powerful ways to help kids with learning disabilities is to get them involved with music. Learning disabilities affect the auditory, visual and motor areas of the brain—all parts of the brain music strengthen. If you have a child with learning disabilities, here are some amazing music programs that will help. Kids with learning disabilities in math, reading, attention, etc., can all be helped with music—it’s that powerful! I speak from experience—learn the many ways I helped my severely learning-disabled son with music. 

Healthy: What are the Powerful Essential Oils Benefits

on the Body?

The benefits of essential oils are vast and amazing. In the last 25 years, they have gained momentum in treating a variety of aches, pains, and illnesses. Essential oil benefits include helping headaches, muscle pain, cuts, bruises, lymphatic system, colds, flu, and even more serious illnesses. There are many essential oils uses guides, lists of essential oils and essential oils meaning to help you navigate how they are used and applied. I’ve been using them since 2003 and have found them to be nothing short of miraculous for our entire family! Check out the details here...

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Musically: Some of the Best Music Activities for Kids

in Your Community

Do you support your musical community? The arts, ballets, music, etc.? If you want your kids to appreciate the culture in their community, get them involved in music activities for kids. Most communities offer music activities for school-age kids, and some even offer programs of music activities in the classroom. Check out your libraries for music games for kids and music listening activities for middle school kids. And check out the local recreation centers for music and movement activities for 3-5-year old. Take advantage of all the music activities for kids—they’re win-win activities! 

Nutrition Facts: What Does Soda Do to Your Body

and How to Change It

Soda really is bad for your health! Does too much soda causes a big problem!? What does soda do to your body? It creates problems with your bones, skin, depression, allergies, and more. The side effects of soda include: seeps calcium from the bones, causes dehydration; blocks the hormone associated with sleep, and is linked to cancer. The side effects of soda also include dizziness, behavioral disorders, sagging skin and creates issues with the visual and auditory areas of the brain. Dump it from your diet! 

Health Tips: What are the Nasty Effects of Sugar

on the Body?

Have you ever wondered about the effects of sugar on the body? Have you ever thought about the effects of sugar on the brain? It’s not good news! There are numerous diseases caused by sugar and there are negative effects of sugar on skin and aging. In fact, scientists now say that sugar is more addictive than cocaine! Limit your sugar intake—your body and brain will thank you! 

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Classical Music: The Best 5 Classical Music Musts for Kids

in the World!

If you want to build your child’s brain—you need classical music for kids! However, these 5 pieces of classical music are absolute “musts” to introduce your kids to. Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice…and more! This is perfect music for kids to dance to as well as providing relaxing music for kids. And check out your local children’s concerts to see many of these performed on stage. 

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